Difference; Bitumen and Tar?

Both can be described as black sticky stuff, used for sealing and waterproofing of various surfaces...Read More

plastic road 2

Plastic Road

Does the sight of discarded plastic swirling in the Pacific Ocean - the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch - haunt you every time you throw away a soda bottle? Dutch...Read More


Engineering Vision

Engineers across the world develop so fast if you look at how far Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Chemical and IT engineers have come over the last 100 years...Read More


Longest Bridges

It is astonishing how quickly bridge lengths have extended especially in China. The Pontchartrain was the longest bridge at 38km...Read More

highest bridge

Highest vs. Tallest Bridges

Highest vs. Tallest Bridges: Confusion is sometimes met with the difference between what is highest and tallest mean...Read More

Wall of China 2

Civil Wonders

Civil Wonder: Great Wall of China. The official length is 21 000km, age 2300 years, average height 8m...Read More


What is Civil Engineering?

Civil Engineering is the world, it is the very core of what connects us and what we have to show as evolving anthropoids....Read More


Jointless Concrete

@50000m2, Brisbane Port has one of the biggest slabs of concrete with no joints in the world...Read More


Practical Designs

Don't design a steel grid cover on your drains, in front of a steel scrap yard, be practical with your designs...Read More

What do Civil Engineers do

What do Civil Engineers do?

Civil Engineers comprises the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and natural built...Read More


Khi Solar One

A tower solar thermal power plant, 50 megawatts, 140 hectares, 4 000 heliostats...Read More


Road Maintenance is easy

It is very easy and cheap to maintain roads. It is much cheaper to maintain it than to replace it...Read More