We assist contractors with tendering. This is a vital phase for winning a contract/job and we strive to be as professional and competitive as possible without undermining standards

We assist in compiling a certificate and making sure that all the claims are correctly calculated and accepted by the engineers. This can make or break the success of a job.

Using the latest software in project programming, we will assist with programming a contract from inception to handover, creating time lines that are professional, practical and within the required limits.

We have an extended database of suppliers/resources, as well as years of experience for accurate and relaible costs.

Productivity Enhancement:
Sometimes it takes an outside look on a project, to find the best ways to enhance productivity. When a job is progressing too slowly, behind schedule or not at all, an assessment needs to be made on the causes and what need to be changed/introduced to get back on track.

Time & Expenditure Improvement:
When a job is behind schedule, and the running costs are above what was expected, some of the profits will invariably be lost. New / cheaper / more productive ways need to be sourced to complete the job, to save time and money.

Project Management:
We manage projects on a part-time basis. This means that we are not always 24/7 on-site, but do regularly visit and work on the site, as and when needed.

Technical / Practical Advice:
With more than 26 years of active experience in the Civil Engineering industry in various different capacities, we have a lot to offer your company. Read more About Us

Consulting (Services)We find ourselves in the generally fast growing construction market, where skilled resources are scarce. We offer on-site training to site agents, health and safety officers, and foremen. Read more about our training courses and seminars.

Quality control:
A job is ultimately assessed by the quality of the work, professionality of the contractor, and the successful completion of the job within budget and time. If the quality of the work is below standard, the completed job will not be sustainable. We assess the methods and resources of the contractor, to make sure it is of the best relevant quality and up to the required standards.

Process analysis:
Making sure that the processes followed on a job are correct and in the right succession, is vital to the successful completion and sustainability of any job.