1. Do you provide online courses or consultation?
    Yes, all our courses are presented in zoom and MSteams.
  2. Do you do tendering?
    Yes, we assist Contrators with Tenders. However, we do not draft tenders.

  3. Do you build houses or buildings?
    No, we do only Civil Engineering consultations.

  4. Does your company currently employ new people / offer internship programmes?
    No, currently all of our positions are filled. We will post any new vacancies on the website.

  5. Does your company buy / supply construction materials for projects?
    No, we only consult on projects. However, we do keep a database of available suppliers/resources for our clients.

  6. Do you work outside Gauteng, South Africa?
    Yes, Travelling costs are billed to the client.

  7. Do you form joint venture partnerships?FAQ2
    No, we consult on projects in a independent capacity, for any clients.

  8. Does your company do project management?

  9. Do you draw up / approve plans, foundations etc?


For any other enquiries, please CONTACT US